Take a Tour


1. Dashboard
  • Preview: Shows, how your site will look on a mobile phone.
  • Settings: Configure language and domain name at wirenode.mobi or set up your own domain.
  • Media: Upload pictures and use them on your mobile website.
  • Statistics: Track your visitors and pageviews.
  • Promotions: Put a widget on your blog informing readers about your mobile website or print a QR code.
  • Delete: Delete your mobile website. But we don’t recommend you do this ;-).

Mobile Websites Editor

2. Create a new website - Goes to the mobile website
  1. List of pages - You can create a new blank page, rename or delete your page and also set any page to be the index page.
  2. The editor - You can add your texts, images and personalize your mobile website
  3. Website URL, Color theme selector and Preview function
  4. Editor Features

Preview the site

  1. Click on the Preview link
  2. Preview - Shows your mobile website in a phone emulator. The image on the emulator may appear differently than on your actual phone, but your website will be adapted to fit nicely on all phone types.

The real phone

real phone

To access a site you have created, you only need a mobile phone with mobile internet capabilities. Most existing mobile phones already have mobile browsers built in!