Mobile marketing

We can create mobile landing pages for your mobile marketing campaigns.

If you decide to integrate mobile marketing into your campaigns, we can do the following for you:

1. Help you to prepare campaign concepts and also explain which mobile technologies would be most beneficial to you.
2. Help you to select the right mobile channels for your campaign.
3. Create the design and layout for your mobile campaign.
4. Create a custom mobile website for your marketing purposes.
5. Host the website, including all interactive parts like feedback forms, wallpaper, polls, downloadable content, etc...
6. Collocate the results of the campaign and all relevant statistics.

At the moment, this is being done for various clients predominantly in the Czech Republic.

Below are some examples of mobile websites, we have created especially for mobile marketing purposes.

  • Czech version of Ford Fiesta mobile website
mobile ford fiesta
  • Mobile website for new LG phones
  • Website for the Freeport Shopping Outlet center